Staff + Interns

OFC's staff and dedicated interns work with dozens of partners in community-based organizations, along with deeply committed subject matter experts from our own community, to provide support, education, and advocacy for LGBTQ+ families and children in the Bay Area and beyond.

OFC Executive Director Mimi Demissew

Mimi Demissew, MBA

Executive Director


Mimi Demissew is the Executive Director of Our Family Coalition (OFC) and comes to OFC with an extensive background in organizational development and strategic planning. She has spent the last 20 years working within the field of organization development, project planning and business development within the private, public and currently nonprofit industries.

In addition, she has dedicated over two decades to sexual and gender minority advocacy in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC. She completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Virginia where she double majored in Foreign Affairs and African American and African studies.

She obtained her Master of Business Administration at the University of Baltimore with a concentration in Leadership and Development. Mimi is passionate about aligning her professional skills to support the work of organizations that promote social equity and racial justice.


pronouns: she/ her/ all


Anne Pinkney

Programs Coordinator


Anne found her entry point into the work through sexual violence prevention and response, and has since found deep meaning organizing as part of a mutual aid collective and towards collective liberation.  Anne loves gardening, knitting, and being amongst dear friends. An aspiring lifelong learner, she organizes, alongside others, a collectively-led political education study group.

Anne is a recent graduate of Dartmouth College with a major in History and a minor in Hispanic Studies. Upon graduation, she was the recipient of the Hannah T. Croasdale Award, which honors the graduating student who has made the most significant contribution to the quality of life for women at Dartmouth.

pronouns: she/her - all


elle black

Communications & Development Director


elle black is a queer, Black, gender-non-conforming, larger bodied, disabled femme from Oakland, CA. Throughout their career, elle has had the opportunity to gain experience in a broad range of fields and roles including administrative and program management in tech, performing arts, and academia, as well as direct service roles within the community as a middle, high school, and college level instructor. elle also has experience in peer advocacy and academic tutoring and coaching, and offers consultation services to organizations focused on social justice, social equity, and the development of equitable processes and programs.

elle brings their lived experiences and education to their work, with a Masters in English from Mills College and a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Golden Gate University.

pronouns: they/ them / elle

Rey's Photo

Rey Simon-Ingra

Operations Associate


Rey was born in San Francisco and has been active in the local LGBTQ+ community for longer than they can remember. They have worked and interned at multiple non-profits and movement-oriented spaces in the Bay Area, cultivating a broad range of skill sets including event planning and management, youth education, outreach and communications, administrative support, and multidisciplinary arts. Rey began working with OFC as an intern in the operations department and became a formal staff member in January of 2022.

Rey has a propensity to see the world in terms of spectrums, rather than binaries. They don’t shy away from wading into the complexities of the human experience, whether related to gender, neurology, activism, or artistic media. Rey is honored to be contributing to a vision of the world in which all can belong and thrive.

prounouns: they/them


Rick Oculto, MA

Education Manager


Rick collaborates with educators and school administrators to create safe and LGBTQ-inclusive schools. An accomplished speaker and presenter, Rick has conducted trainings for thousands of students, educators, and youth workers focusing on diversity, harassment, gender stereotypes, and other LGBTQ issues.

Formerly the Youth Service Coordinator at Billy DeFrank LGBT Center in San José, Rick developed programs that addressed LGBT youth issues and created the first transgender youth support group in the area. 

Rick holds a dual B.A. degree in Psychology and Spanish from Seattle University in Washington and a Master of Arts Degree in Social Welfare at UC Berkeley specializing in management and planning. He lives and games in San Francisco and frequently visits his family in the South Bay.

pronouns: he/him


Rose DeLeon-Foote

Grant Writer & Development Data Specialist


Rose DeLeon-Foote centers equity and Black liberation in all of her work. With over 10 years experience working within nonprofits and philanthropic organizations, Rose's expertise in creative problem solving, building organizational infrastructure, process revitalization, and grant writing has allowed her the privilege of working with organizations who support resilient communities most impacted by systemic oppression.

Rose has recently worked with organizations in San Francisco, Atlanta, Houston, and Washington, D.C. to support fundraising efforts for projects centering people living with HIV, formerly incarcerated people, trans community, and Black and African American families.

Rose received her BA in English from UC Berkeley in 2011, and Masters of Public Policy from Mills College in 2016. She currently is a resident of Pensacola, Florida, but can often be found in an airport on her way to anywhere.

pronouns: she/her 

profile pic of Shareena Clark Ascher

Shareena Clark Ascher, MFA

Family Programs Director


Shareena Clark Ascher has over 20 years of experience developing and running community-based programs for underserved youth and families throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Their expertise in education, social justice, and community collaboration allows
Shareena to engage thoughtfully with programs and participants to deliver meaningful impact within the lives of the communities they serve.

Shareena is an empathetic, compassionate, and adaptive leader with a passion for affirmative youth development and social change. With over two decades of educational administration, mentoring, and family services experience, Shareena is eager to meet the challenge of repairing the world through advising, mentoring, and teaching.

They received a Masters of Fine Arts in English from Mills College and currently are working on a PhD in Anthropology and Social Change from California Institute of Integral Studies.

pronouns: they/them


Edee Moore

Operations Manager


A Bay Area native, Edee is new to the nonprofit world. Edee joined the OFC team in July of 2022. As a new member of OFC, Edee hopes to learn more about herself and others and to positively impact the lives of folks. In a society where non-white male heterosexuals are deemed societal "other," Edee hopes to use her lived experiences as a tool to create. A single mother of a teenager and a full-time graduate student, Edee is currently working toward her Master's in Ethnic Studies, at San Francisco State University. Edee's long-term education goal is to obtain a Ph.D. in Sociology.

Her research interest center around the experiences of the global majority (also referred to as socially disadvantaged or marginalized minority) within the education system. With an undergraduate degree in Africana Studies and Sociology, Edee understands the relationship between global majority groups and institutions of power. Edee is passionate about advocating for the benefits of youth and children and plans to open community schools that serve disadvantaged youths. Edee's passions include eating good food, cooking good food, reading, binge-watching all the things, and spending time with her son, Gerald.

pronouns: she/her - all


Agua Bracho

Programs Coordinator 


Agua is an afro-latine Indigenous queer nonbinary person currently living out their life on turtle island. They are a time-traveler looking for the gifts and lessons left in the sand by their displaced ancestors and past/future selves, to bring into the present and share with chosen kin/community as they continue their collective fight towards remembering life free from the confines of white supremacy/colonialism/capitalism. Still cultivating/carving out/honing their understanding of what embodying liberation looks like in their life. They are using the tools they've been gifted with and honing new ones thanks to the love and support of excellent teachers they've had along the way. 

pronouns: they/them


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