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Our Family Coalition

For over twenty years, Our Family Coalition has provided Family Support to help build community and strengthen resilience among LGBTQ parents and caregivers; provided Education about family diversity and anti-bias approaches to child serving professionals, and provided Advocacy alongside partner organizations to change policy and legislation so that it reflects and includes all LGBTQ families.


Family Support

We provide support for LGBTQ families with children, prospective parents, youth, allies, community partners and volunteers. Our support consists of workshops, support groups, outings, seasonal celebrations, meet ups, classes, play dates and referrals in San Francisco and the East Bay.

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Our Family Coalition’s Welcoming and Inclusive Schools Program (WISP) works with families, teachers, administrators, and child-serving professionals to create more welcoming schools and agencies to serve LGBTQ families and their allies. We believe that schools should be a positive place to learn where all students are invited and encouraged to be their full selves.

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Our advocacy is focussed on increasing visibility and equity for all LGBTQ families. Driven by parent leadership from our own community, we work with local, state, and national partner organizations to advocate for change on the issues relevant to our families, including family equality, inclusive schools, immigration reform, and healthcare reform. In the media and in political forums, we work to improve public perception of and policy for LGBTQ families.




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