A dozen OFC Virtual Programs for March – & links to register

by Cheryl Lala, M.S., Director of Family Programs

As many of you have read, we had to cancel or reschedule our in-person community events and support groups due to COVID-19-related precautions, acting on social distancing recommendations from the CDC.

In this time of uncertainty, we know one thing: we need more connection instead of less. That’s why our Programs team has been working around the clock to offer enhanced opportunities for us to share space – albeit virtually.

Our hope is that we can continue to talk about the things that unite us: our children, our hope for children, and family-building specific to the LGBTQ+ community.

Join us remotely. Call or video conference in, knowing the line is secure and HIPAA-compliant (more here).

In order to ensure security we’re asking all participants to pre-register for our virtual programs. Once registered, our programs team will reach out to you directly with the phone number and link to the video line on the day of the event.

Please choose any link below to learn more and register for the following virtual offerings this month:

Community Check-In for Family ParticipantsMondayMarch1612-1PMThis check-in is a community forum to let us know what more you need from us.
OFC Parent Advisory Council MeetingMondayMarch 166-8PMOn-going, regularly scheduled group that will now meet online.
Prospective & Expectant GroupMondaysMarch 16, 23, & 306-8PMFor those participants in the family building process.
Community Check-In for Family ParticipantsTuesdayMarch 178-9PMThis check-in is a community forum to let us know what more you from us.
LGBTQ+ Parents/ Caregivers of TeensTuesdayMarch 17 & March 248-9:30PMFor those caring for teens and tweens: a space to address our stresses, challenges, and opportunities.
Weekly Community Check-in for Parents of School-aged kidsevery Wednesday
(until we resume in-person programs)
starting March 187:30-9PMFor parents with children in elementary school and beyond.
Weekly Community Check-in for Parents with kids aged 0-4every Monday
(until we resume in-person programs)
starting March 2311:30AM-1PMFor parents of our tiniest humans!


Please attend any and all virtual events you’d like. We’ve segmented the groups for easier facilitation, however we’re open to anyone attending who just needs the safe space.


In community and best wishes,
Cheryl & The Programs Team

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