Night Out Goes All In 2020

We're committed to care and caution in all we we do, and that includes our beloved annual gala. In light of the ongoing shared challenge of the Coronavirus pandemic, we won't be holding Night Out as an in-person gathering in a grand ballroom. But we're still going to celebrate!

We are very excited to invite you to join us for something new: Night Out Goes All In, a day-long virtual fun-raiser in celebration of our community and supporters, taking place on the same day as the original Night Out: May 15, 2020!

Night Out Goes All In will include several daytime live-stream and interactive events, culminating with our Night In, complete with performances, special guests, awards to this year’s honorees, and announcement of the winners of our silent auction.

We are excited that by holding Night Out Goes All In virtually, we can bring even more of us together than could ever be possible in a ballroom.

The day's festivities include:

  • 10am  •  Drag Breakfast Story Time with Rexy!
  • 12pm •  History is SO Gay: interactive LGBTQ+ history quiz show!
  • 2pm •  Shelter in Love with the Alphabet Rockers & OFC: dance party!
  • 4pm •  Silent Auction Presentation: guided tour of our fabulous auction items!
  • 6pm •  Night In: an evening of celebration, performance, and gratitude!

This year's honorees will be opening and receiving their awards LIVE, and the evening will be emcee'd by the incomparable Marga Gomez.