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Print Newsletters

Our print newsletter comes out quarterly in January, April, July, and October. Past issues are archived here.


The print newsletter provides a forum for current and prospective parents to share, reflect and learn from each others' stories and experiences; provides advice and information from experts of varying fields from child development to legal to estate planning; and provides LGBTQ parents and individuals with resources, up-to-date developments, events, current news, and much more to help you keep informed on issues of interest to our community.


The newsletter is sent to members who have donated $50 or more in the last year. Donate now to have our newsletter delivered to your doorstep!





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We publish an organization-wide e-newsletter biweekly, on the first and third Tuesdays of the month. Our current subscriber list includes over 7,000 area LGBTQ families, organizations, and allies.


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History buffs, alert! A partial archive of past e-newsletters can be found here.

Share Your Story

Share Your Story

Inspired by the LGBTQ family stories in our newsletter and on our blog and want to write your own? Email and share your story and your voice. 


Newsletter articles are usually about 800-1000 words, and blog posts about 600-800. We are happy to consider photo or infographic-based posts as well. Generally, we're looking for stories by or about LGBTQ parents/caregivers or prospective parents, as well as the grandparents or adult children of LGBTQ-headed families. We will also consider pieces from professionals who provide services for LGBTQ-headed families, if the piece is informative to our families and distinct from ad for the services.


Here are some of the stories and questions we look at for our newsletter and blog. Feel free to pitch something totally different that you think fits with our mission, too! 


- How is your family structured? What is your family formation story? Have you faced challenges in forming your family or parenting because of your identity? How were you able to navigate these challenges, the impact on you/your spouse/children, what systems/people helped guide you, what advice would you have for other LGBTQ-headed families?
- Have you or your family dealt with homophobia, bullying, or resistance at schools, medical providers, or elsewhere? Alternatively, were there times when you expected resistance and instead were welcomed? If there was a conflict, how was it resolved, if at all?
- Reflections on the representation of our families in media, including reviews of specific books, TV shows, movies, etc
- Has an Our Family Coalition event had a major impact on your or your family?


Generally, we hope your story will not only inform other families on LGBTQ family topics, but also let others know that they are not alone in the journey of advocating for our families. Even if your story is not yet complete, our families are interested in resources and processes others access at all stages of family journeys.


Teaching LGBTQ History

Teaching LGBTQ History

In California, the FAIR Education Act ensures that schools integrate factual information about social movements, current events and history of people with disabilities and LGBT people into existing social studies lessons and prevents schools from incorporating instructional materials that discriminate. Our Family Coalition actively works with schools and districts to develop comprehensive and inclusive curriculum for students.


To get more information on FAIR and to access lesson plans that that include LGBTQ families and individuals, visit Teaching LGBTQ History, a comprehensive resource site we host and moderate. At Teaching LGBTQ History, you can find information about:

  • the FAIR Education Act
  • professional trainings for teachers, educators, and child-serving professionals
  • resources about how to teach LGBTQ history
  • lesson plans for LGBTQ history and LGBTQ inclusivity in K-12 education




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