Transgender Families

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Resources for Transgender Youth

Gender Spectrum

Gender Spectrum offers a wide variety of resources for transgender and gender-expansive children, teens, and their families. Their online community space, known as The Lounge, hosts a number of groups, including Transitioning as a Young Adult, Genderqueers, Trans*ing College, Parents and Primary Caregivers, and more. To view the full list of groups, visit

Gender Spectrum also offers in-person support groups and trainings, as well as an annual summer conference for youth and families. For more information, visit

The Unicorn Project

The Unicorn Project, Oakland Center for Behavioral Health, Oakland

The Unicorn Project offers a free art and social group for gender variant and transgender children ages 3-12. Meetings are held in Oakland. For more information including to RSVP and get up-to-date meeting times and locations, contact Rachel Pepper at

Bay Area Rainbow Day Camp

Bay Area Rainbow Day Camp is a summer program designed to empower gender-expansive youth by creating a safe space in which to explore gender identity amongst peers. The camp is held in El Cerrito and offers programs for ages 5-12 and 13-17.

Dimensions Clinic

Dimensions Clinic, San Francisco

Dimensions provides support and low-cost health services for transgender, gender-variant, and queer youth ages 12-25. Dimensions offers a weekly support group run by trans counselors for transgender and gender-variant youth.

Resources for Transgender Adults

Trans: Thrive

Trans: Thrive, Asian and Pacific Islander Wellness Center, San Francisco

Trans: Thrive is a safe space by and for the transgender community. The program includes a variety of support and social groups, including a Transfeminine Group, Transmasculine Group, TransEmpowerment, and more.

Lyon-Martin Health Services

Lyon-Martin Health Services, San Francisco

Lyon-Martin Health Services offers primary, preventative, and mental health services in a trans-affirmative environment. The clinic accepts MediCal and MediCare, as well as many private insurance plans, and offers sliding scale fees for patients who are uninsured.

Transgender Parent Support Group

Transgender Parent Support Group, Our Family Coalition, San Francisco

An ongoing group offered by Our Family Coalition for trans parents, prospective parents, and co-parents to connect and share what's on their minds. From the workplace to trans activism, transition to temper tantrums, discuss whatever you'd like in a safe space with friendly, supportive people. See the calendar for upcoming meetings.

Resources for All Ages

Multi-Specialty Transitions Department, Kaiser Permanente

Multi-Specialty Transitions Department, Kaiser PermanenteOakland Medical Center, Oakland

The Multi-Specialty Transitions Department offers culturally competent, comprehensive healthcare services for transgender Kaiser Permanente members, including hormone consultations, surgical evaluations, psychological services, and gynecological care. If you are currently a member of Kaiser Permanente, you can ask your Primary Care Physician for a referral. For information on membership options, visit

Gender Pathways Clinic, Kaiser Permanente

Gender Pathways Clinic, Kaiser Permanente, San Francisco Medical Center, San Francisco

The Gender Pathways Clinic offers integrated, cross-disciplinary healthcare services for transgender and gender-expansive Kaiser Permanente members. If you are currently a member of Kaiser Permanente, you can ask your Primary Care Physician for a referral. For information on membership options, visit