Schools Work

Our Family Coalition offers a wide variety of workshops and training opportunities for professionals and community members, as well as a host of pedagogical and curriculum resources such as Educator's Guides to Teaching LGBT History, lesson plans, and more.

Our Family Coalition works with families, teachers, administrators, and child-serving professionals to create more welcoming school communities for LGBTQ+ families, children, and their allies. We believe that schools should be a positive place to learn where all students are invited and encouraged to be their full selves.

With the collaboration and ongoing support of a host of educational advocates and professionals, Our Family Coalition's Education Team works to upkeep this comprehensive resource website.

Schedule a training for your school, learn about how to help your kids' school become more welcoming and inclusive, educate yourself about California laws regarding LGBTQ+ individuals and families in schools, and more.

For years, Our Family Coalition has hosted an LGBTQ+ Inclusive Preschool Fair for parents looking for an inclusive and culturally competent school for their toddlers.