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Bring Inclusive Schools Training To Your School

OFC's Education Team has offered outstanding, practical workshops to hundreds of educators and school community members across the state. Education Manager Rick Oculto is a nationally certified Welcoming Schools Facilitator, and has trained others in this curriculum statewide.

Workshops can be tailored to your school's needs; here are some of the most in-demand:

  • LGBTQ History: Teaching the New California History and Social Science Framework
  • LGBTQ-Focused Education Law and Policy: Understanding Obligations and Protections
  • Implementing LGBTQ History: From Policy to Practice in your Region
  • Family Diversity: The Early Childhood Classroom and Making All Families Visible
  • Gender Inclusion: What is a Gender Spectrum and How Do I Reduce Gender Bias?
  • Transgender and Non-Binary Students: How to Create Inclusive Spaces for All Genders
  • Anti-Bullying & Social Emotional Learning: A Welcoming Schools Approach
  • Family and School Advocacy: Building Coalitions for Sustainable Change

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Rick giving a training

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Click on the image above to open it as a PDF.