Monna Wong

Monna is a network weaver, facilitator, organizer, and writer from Queens, New York. She was politicized in New York City’s Chinatown through learning about solidarity struggles, Asian American activism, and social justice histories. She launched her career as an electoral organizer, leading teams in Ohio, Maryland, and Maine to win LGBTQ non-discrimination and same-sex marriage. She formerly served as the executive director of Lavender Phoenix, revitalizing the organization to build transgender, non-binary, and queer Asian Pacific Islander (API) power. Monna also coached and supported leaders of several Asian American social justice organizations as the Asian Americans for Civil Rights and Equality network coordinator. 

Monna spends a lot of time thinking about management, organizational development, and building kickass team cultures. She is currently the chief content officer of The Management Center and serves on the advisory council of the Asian Prisoner Support Committee. She also co-authored The Management Center’s guide on effective management, Management in a Changing World: How to Manage for Equity, Sustainability, and Results.

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