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CA Adoption Conference 2021: Nov 5 – 6

A huge proportion of us have built our families through adoption. We’re four times more likely than our non-queer counterparts to be raising adoptive children, and six times more likely to foster children (UCLA’s Williams Institute, 2013). So not surprisingly, OFC has been a part of the California Adoption Conference for most of its years, as either as co-planners, promotional partners, and as speakers.

The California Adoption Conference is an annual gathering for for prospective adoptive parents, first/birth parents, as well as adoption professionals, educators and extended family members–has gone virtual, thanks to the ongoing pandemic. This year’s conference is taking place on Friday and Saturday November 5th & 6th–both “synchronously,” or in real time, and via pre-recorded sessions, or “asynchronously.”

Each day’s conference begins with a 90-minute “real time” keynote presentation, followed by real-time workshops or half-hour “real time” discussions of pre-taped workshops.

We’ll be live this Friday afternoon to discuss our pre-taped presentation:

Family Formation and SOGIE-Diverse Communities

Rick Oculto & Pauly Pagenhart

discussion: Friday, Nov 5, 2:30 – 3:00pm

see the CAC workshop schedule here

Programs Director Shareena Clark-Ascher will also be on hand to facilitate a discussion among current and prospective LGBTQ+ adoptive parents and caregivers, time TBA (check back again soon for details).

Hope to “see” you there!

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