Edee is new to the nonprofit world. Edee joined the OFC team in July of 2022. As a new member of OFC, Edee hopes to learn more about herself and others and to positively impact the lives of folks. In a society where non-white male heterosexuals are deemed societal “other,” Edee hopes to use her lived experiences as a tool to create. A single mother of a teenager, Edee recently earned her Master’s in Ethnic Studies. Her long-term education goal is to obtain a Ph.D. in Sociology.

Her research interest center around the experiences of the global majority (also referred to as socially disadvantaged or marginalized minority) within the education system. With an undergraduate degree in Africana Studies and Sociology, Edee understands the relationship between global majority groups and institutions of power. Edee is passionate about advocating for the benefits of youth and children and plans to open community schools that serve disadvantaged youths. Edee’s passions include eating good food, cooking good food, reading, binge-watching all the things, and spending time with her son, G.

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