A consummate trainer and facilitator, Q embodies the rare combination of education, professional experience, and lived experience. With a foot firmly planted on each side of the structure line, Q brings non-profit and corporate experience to a deep reserve of skills and practice gained from group leadership in a range of organizations from small businesses to Fortune 500, conferences and workshops, and academia.

With a background in activism spanning two decades, Q has consistently worked to support community ties, and build bridges between communities using the powerful presence of authenticity, a gift for rapport and trust-building, and an understanding of the value of relationship capital. An outcome-based approach to teamwork supports his ability to gain consensus and utilize group synergy, building cohesion and momentum.

Recognized as a charismatic group leader, facilitator, and instructor, Q is able to create comfortable learning environments, especially when exploring challenging topics such as gender identity, LGBTQ culture, and gender expression. He has a passion for exploring the intersectionality of complex identities in the workplace, starting with his own and using this as a foundation for trust and credibility.

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