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Their Story: Monix

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Their Story: Monix

The first person highlighted in our new series is Monix (he / they). Monix joined us to tell their journey which underscores the importance of community and the power of accessible resources. In the first video of the series, Monix shares his story of moving to California and finding a new sense of belonging with the help of resources here at Our Family Coalition. 

Monix’s story begins at the age of 16 when they had their first child. Faced with the challenges of a homophobic environment, Monix decided to move to California, seeking organizations that would affirm their right to be a parent. They share that the reason they moved to the Bay Area was “because of access to organizations like Our Family Coalition.” One of the first resources Monix utilized after their move was OFC’s Trans Parents Support Group.

Finding a community that affirmed his identity as both a queer person and a parent was crucial for Monix. He explains that although everyone at the support groups had different stories, they appreciated finding a space that uniquely affirmed them not just as a queer person but “a queer person and a parent.” 

Through Our Family Coalition, Monix discovered the life-changing Camp It Up program, a connection they made through word of mouth at an OFC table. Many people from OFC attended the camp, creating a supportive and familiar environment where Monix continues their involvement to this day.  

Upon moving to California, Monix encountered a difficult situation involving their partner, which further tested their resilience. Despite the adversity, Our Family Coalition provided crucial support. “I showed up at Our Family Coalition, and they listened to my story. They helped me not only with food vouchers and a grocery store gift card but also with emergency funds, covering half of one month’s rent.” Through our Department of Early Childhood grant, OFC is able to offer emergency funds to meet the basic needs of our families. In Monix’s case, they received a crucial grant towards rent, which helped prevent them from losing their housing.

Monix shared with us that the support from Our Family Coalition extended beyond financial assistance. They found comfort in knowing there was always someone they could call when in need. This, Monix notes, “was a huge comfort.”

The community provided by Our Family Coalition’s meetings and support groups became a source of hope and normalcy for Monix. When asked what they looked forward to, they replied, “Just community… folks to talk with, an opportunity to laugh if it presented itself, food, and a meal shared with other adults. It was a chance to get out in the evening and have a meal with somebody else.”

Monix’s story is a powerful reminder of the vital role community organizations play in providing support, affirmation, and hope. At Our Family Coalition, we are committed to continuing our work to support LGBTQ families, ensuring that everyone has access to the resources they need to thrive. If you are interested in supporting what we do, consider donating so that we can continue to amplify these voices and provide the resources we all deserve in order to thrive.

Your donations have a direct impact. DONATE NOW

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