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New Beginnings

IMG_3991Wow. What an incredible four years these have been. During my time as Policy and Communications Director at OFC, we’ve designed and launched successful campaigns on LGBTQ parental rights, inclusive curriculum, immigration, health care, marriage equality, and more. We’ve promoted welcoming and inclusive schools across the state, expanded our capacity to offer direct support to families, and become a national resource on LGBTQ family equity. I am untranslatably proud of our team and partners.

I am also grateful to the families, legislators, volunteers, and inspiring community leaders (like our own Judy Appel) for fighting this fight so many years before our recent victories. Because of your efforts, we have been able to challenge laws that systematically stand in the way of allowing our children to thrive. Because of your dedication, LGBTQ parents like my wife and I are now protected and our children are on their way to reach their full potential. From where I stand, it is our honor and obligation as the oldest and largest LGBTQ family rights organization in CA to continue expanding our institutional change work, and deepening our policy and advocacy initiatives so we assert more influence on the national conversation for equity.

I invite you once again to get in touch, donate, and share your skills with us today! With your help, we will continue expanding invaluable school and community programs, direct support services, and pro-LGBTQ family campaigns that deeply impact our diverse communities. Your expertise, perspectives, and grit are critical to transcend the challenges ahead. I can’t wait to hear from you. We’re in this together!

Renata Moreira
Interim Executive Director

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