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Reopening… mindfully

For OFC, “mindful” reopening means that we’re adding back programs on a gradual basis, as we manage the challenges and maximize the opportunities inherent in our in-person events. We’re also figuring out what might–or perhaps even should–remain virtual-only, or even virtual-optional (aka “hybrid”).

We’re also reflecting on what we’re learning from our Community Needs Assessment around what our community needs now. We’ve learned a lot from it, and want to learn more!

If you haven’t filled it out this 5-minute survey, please do! We’re also doing a second round of Focus Groups in August, so if you’ve got more to say (and would like a thank you $25 gift card from us), please sign up!

Finally, “mindful reopening” means we’re rebuilding in a way that ensures OFC is not only a vital community resource, but a great employer, prioritizing a work/life balance that sustains us all in the long run. During this reopening process, as during shelter-in-place, we will be learning together.

In July we’re piloting hybrid parent-child playgroups, holding our Baby & Me and Toddle With Me groups here in our childcare space and online as a virtual group for those who can’t yet join us IRL.

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We’re also working with area Park & Rec departments to identify ideal outdoor playgrounds and parks in which we can hold these playgroups, at least in good weather.

Meanwhile: look for these notations – for in-person, virtual, or both – to indicate the type of event. We’ll be adding them to the events listings on our website’s calendar and elsewhere.

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