Amy Simon

Amy Simon

Amy Simon

A founding partner at Goodwin Simon Strategic Research, a national public opinion research firm, Amy Simon brings three decades of political experience to her work as a pollster and communications strategist on public policy, and a winning record on ballot measure campaigns.

Amy has a special expertise in conducting innovative qualitative and quantitative research on socially controversial and emotionally complex issues, including issues relating to LGBT people and families and marriage for same-sex couples. She is a co-author of Heartwired: Human Behavior, Strategic Opinion Research and the Audacious Pursuit of Social Change, A Strategy Guide for Change-Makers.

Amy is one of the leading architects of the freedom-to-marry messaging that helped propel Maine and Washington state voters to support allowing marriage for same-sex couples in the November 2012 elections. She has also helped craft winning strategies on abortion, marijuana, medical aid-in-dying, climate change, insurance reform, and medical malpractice, as well as other issues.

Amy has a unique background among the nation’s top progressive pollsters. She was a community and field organizer, campaign manager, direct mail fundraising and persuasion consultant, campaign trainer, and political director before becoming a pollster. She brings that diverse political understanding to all of her message development and message delivery research.

Amy grew up in Boston, graduated from the University of Michigan, then spent several years working on campaigns across the nation. She worked for a decade inside the Washington, D.C. Beltway, before settling in San Francisco’s Bay Area, where she now happily resides with her wonderful, rambunctious, and spirited children.

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